Wish Lists

Hi dolls!
Well, it is finally November and do you lovelies know what that means???? CHRISTMAS is on THE way! In my family, when we celebrate Christmas, we celebrate! We are the ones you're talking about who has their lights,tree, wreaths, and music up and going from November to Februrary! We are quite the "Christmasers"! We also love gift giving in our family, and that has me thinking about what I not only am getting for the hub, the babe, and the fam, but what I want also!
So, I thought I'd make a post on here about it! Here are some of the things that I'd just L♥VE to get!
I have been craving a Blackberry Curve for the longest! Mostly because of all the things and features (facebook.twitter.etc...) and it is soooo fierce! so presidential! so beyonce!

Next up is THE epitome of a handbag, to me! This bag is purely a timeless piece, and it is like REALLY on my wish list! What is it?
the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy Number 30!

(Yes Lawd!)

I will even be fine with a knockoff at the moment, but ONE DAY, this bag will be on my shoulder with MY belonging inside!

Now onto the beauty, my top four things that I'm craving right now is the Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer, Sephora Bronzer Brush, MAC 187 Brush & MAC 109 Brush. Pure Joy!

The Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturizer is by far, THE Best thing out there for the dry gals! This stuff makes your face flawless, gives you that "makeup, what makeup" look, all while moisturizing that beautiful skin of yours! The ONLY reason I have not gotten it is because it is $42 and my sample from Sephora has done me wonders, but I am contemplating on getting it SOON!

The Sephora Brand Professional Platinum Bronzer Brush (#48), is one of THE baddest brushes out there for makeup lovers, users, artists, etc. It is basically a Kabuki, BUT the texture of the bristles give you the fiercest face EVER!!! I was in Sephora, grabbed this brush & the Make Up For Ever HD Foundation and my face was soooo ready for the television screen AND the catwalk! Put those two things together and you really have a flawless perfect face! It is $35.

The MAC 109 Face Brush, is actually made with contourring and buffing color in tight corners of the face and body, which is not really the main reason I want it. Erin (Scandalous Beauty) applied some of her foundation with this brush and when I say her face was beat.... best believe I'm telling the truth... Plus the brush is just TOOOO cute in real life! $32
The MAC 187/188 Stippling Brush. I have the Special Edition (Holiday '08) brush at home and I have fallen deeply in love with it. So far, I have used it only of highlighting my cheekbones and the way that it makes the glow look as though it is really coming from within is priceless! I have a coastal scents stippling brush (2 actually), which are dupes of the MAC 187 & 188 brush, but the actual brush is just phenomenal! 187:$42 188:$34

I am loving this post! and I'm thinking I just might try to get some other beauty bloggers to do a wish list of their own... not sure yet!

Until Next Time....Bye Ya'll!