Coastal Scents Pigment Review

Hey dolls, 
So for some strange reason I decided to go and log on to the coastal scents website about a 2 weeks ago and - ordered the limited edition brush set (kabuki, powder/blush, and the concealer) AND the pigment sample set..... 

When I ordered mine it was $10.00 and you get 10 different color samples. Boy oh boy was - surprised when I received them in the mail! They came in zippy bags and the CS folks packed them full! - recommend that everybody order them and get into the CS pigments because they are THE business! 

The ones that they sent me seem to be all matte but so far I've only tried out 4. 

.>pigments I received<.
Ultra marine violet
ultra marine blue pigment
Black oxide
Red iron oxide
Red iron oxide 170
Chromium oxide green
ultra marine pink
Manganese violet
Brown oxide
Dark brown oxide

They really are a deal and a steal so everybody needs to roll on over and pick up a couple, 
and yes I will post my fotd's from the looks that I've done with these pigments. 

Until then,
Bye ya'll


Bitch Slap Cosmetics

Hey Dolls,
So i was browsing through my BORING myspace page, looked under my mini-feed thing and saw the baddest makeup photo that I  have seen in a minute...... 

It is by the darling nikki, a MUA from Californ-i-a!  
Her name as you can see from the caption on the picture is DARLINGNIKKIMUA so look her up and add her and tell her I sent ya cause her work is flawless!
This picture gave me chills! 

So it said that she used Bitch Slap Cosmetics and I googled it and sweet heavenly father, did I see stuff that I want! I encourage EVERYBODY ad their baby mama's cousin's big sister's play brother's niece to and grab a bunch of stuff! The prices are reasonable. Pigments are $9.00-as oppose to MAC's $20. The large/full eyeshadows are around the same price ($13.00) but I didn't see what the measurements were! 

As for me and my makeup money, I'm really craving the following:
One Beat Bitch by Alex (pigment).Plum Large Eyeshadow. White Orchid Large Eyeshadow. Both sets of lashes. 

*just from the picture, the plum looks QUITE similar to MUFE 092 & the white orchid looks similar to the matter lavender from MUFE also,but i'm just saying*

Until Then, 
Bye Yall!

FOTD: Sea & Sky

Hey Dolls, 

Here is a throwback FOTD featuring ONLY MAC's Sea & Sky

.|.Products Used.|.
Outer 3rd.Sea
Highlight.NYX Nude
Liner.L'Oreal Creme Liner.Black
Lashes.Bad Gal Lash
Please excuse the nightgown, it was bedtime! lol 
Until Then, 
Bye Ya'll!