Bitch Slap Cosmetics

Hey Dolls,
So i was browsing through my BORING myspace page, looked under my mini-feed thing and saw the baddest makeup photo that I  have seen in a minute...... 

It is by the darling nikki, a MUA from Californ-i-a!  
Her name as you can see from the caption on the picture is DARLINGNIKKIMUA so look her up and add her and tell her I sent ya cause her work is flawless!
This picture gave me chills! 

So it said that she used Bitch Slap Cosmetics and I googled it and sweet heavenly father, did I see stuff that I want! I encourage EVERYBODY ad their baby mama's cousin's big sister's play brother's niece to and grab a bunch of stuff! The prices are reasonable. Pigments are $9.00-as oppose to MAC's $20. The large/full eyeshadows are around the same price ($13.00) but I didn't see what the measurements were! 

As for me and my makeup money, I'm really craving the following:
One Beat Bitch by Alex (pigment).Plum Large Eyeshadow. White Orchid Large Eyeshadow. Both sets of lashes. 

*just from the picture, the plum looks QUITE similar to MUFE 092 & the white orchid looks similar to the matter lavender from MUFE also,but i'm just saying*

Until Then, 
Bye Yall!


Tysh said...

I went on the website and yes I have seen her work Kathy also know as the master of makeup she is the bomb I will be buying her makeup. glad I found your blog, LOL