Look: Blue Brown

Hey Dolls,

Heres a look that i did a LONG time ago, but its just too pretty and simple for me to NOT post! Enjoy!

Products used:


L'oreal Decrease

L'oreal HIP-Steamy

L'oreal HIP-Brazen

MAC Texture

NYX Nude


MAC MSFNaturalDark

MAC Pinch Me Blush



Until then,
Bye Ya'll!


Nail Game:Hot Pink

Hey Dolls

So, recently i've been stepping up the intensity of my nail game, i left the acrylic overlays alone and moved to the gel nail overlay. by the way! I can get a color on my nails, and take off the polish and it look fabulous! I even sometimes just wear the clear gel nails by themselves.

Here is one of my favorite pinks, it's by Ruby Kisses. A BRIGHT-but not too bright-hot pink! Irish Bouquet is the name!

Until Then,

Bye Ya'll!

(ahem, peep the best number in the world! shoutout to all the greek deuces)


Review:HIP Paint

Hey Dolls,

Walking through walgreens one day, and walked past the HIP section. What did I see? HIP paint on sale, for fellow makeup lovers like me! -wait, that so was NOT meant to rhyme! lol

Well I picked it up in the color "secretive"... swatched a pigment over it and well.... you can clearly see from the picture that it is a complete #fail !

Maybe next time, HIP... maybe next time...
Until Then,
Bye ya'll!


Hey Kitty Kitty! Part Deuce

Hey Dolls!

FOTD Featuring Hello Kitty Too Dolly Quad. I SOOOO love the pink in that quad!

:Products Used:
MAC MSF Natural -Dark
MAC Pinch ME Blush
MAC Hello Kitty (LE) Quad
NYX Nude
NYX Black Eye/Eyeliner Pencil
Maybelline Lash Stilletto

And at the end of the day.... a little faded but still looks good!

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll


2nd Attempt At A Cat Eye

Hey Dolls,
Here is my real second attempt at a cat eye. Looks much better eh? My trick? Using a CREME liner like L'Oreal HIP's eggplant or black one and a thick eyeliner angeled brush. (The HIP one comes with a perfect brush)
Products Used
MAC MSF Natural-Dark
MAC Groundwork Paint Pot
MAC Texture
NYX Nude
L'OREAL HIP Creme Liner
Maybelline Lash Stilletto

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll!


SWATCHES: L.A. Color EXtreme Color Quad

Hey Dolls,
So about a couple of months ago, when i was on my "cheap girl" kick... I picked up this little quad from family dollar. I was actually in search of a L.A. Color nail polish. Saw this and decided to give it a try. Well here are the swatches.
I'm a MAC NC 50, MSF Natural Dark... (for color reference)

Quad is called "Truffels" and these colors in the photo are VERY if not exact to the actual colors.
Until Then,
Bye Ya'll


Flip Freakin Tastic!!!

Hey Dolls,
Here Ye, Here Ye.... THIS saturday, May 23, 2009 the INFAMOUS Old Navy flip flops will be on sale for $1.00. I think it's a limit of 5 pairs per customer (thats what the bottom of the screen said) but leave it up to me, I'll go in the store and come right back out jut to get more pairs! I love thesebabies and you can NEVER have enough... okay well ,MAYBE you can.... but with a baby who loves to take things and literally RUN with it.... it will never hurt to have a backup.... I'll haul it!

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll


Hey Kitty Kitty!

Hey Dolls,
Here is a soft Hello Kitty look done with the Too Dolly Quad.

It was Sunday and I didn't wanna do anything super dramatic because my shirt was plaid so yeah, stuck to a somewhat neutral color look!

:Products Used:
NYX Nude

I love your comments and your criticism, whether it be constructive or slighty hating, either way it makes me better! So i'll be waiting! lol

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll!


Beauty Review:Sephora Super Shea Butter Pomade

Hey Dolls,
Beauty Review for the day is this Super Shea Butter Pomade from Sephora. I've had it for a while, but just recently happened to grab it to use it for my heels. Boy oh boy, was i reminded of how wonderfulicious it is! This stuff is super duper creamy and nourishing to dry skin! It's not as thick as the yellow shea butter that you get from the beauty supply stores and the african stores. But it does the same thing. It's a must have! i'm not exactly sure of the price but i'm sure it is under $15.00!
The cons to this product is only that the smell can sometimes be overbearing. Not so much where you have to open a window but you CAN smell it, which can mess up the smell of
your perfume.
Is it worth getting?! Yes Sir Eee!

Look at the creaminess! Lawd have mercy!

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll!


Ready For The Summer

Hey Dolls,

Here's the FOTD! Very summery! Very bright! VERY cute!!!!!

:: Produts Used::

MACMSF NaturalDark



NYXBlackLabel Eyebrow/Eyeliner PencilDarkBrown









NYXBlackLabel Eye/Eyebrow PencilBlack





And now for some CAMWHORING!

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll!


FOTD: First Attempt At A Cat Eye


Happy Mommy's Day

Hey Dolls,
Happy Mother's Day to all my fellow beauty boos that are mommies!

Happy Mommies day to me and my mommy! yay!

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll!