Review:HIP Paint

Hey Dolls,

Walking through walgreens one day, and walked past the HIP section. What did I see? HIP paint on sale, for fellow makeup lovers like me! -wait, that so was NOT meant to rhyme! lol

Well I picked it up in the color "secretive"... swatched a pigment over it and well.... you can clearly see from the picture that it is a complete #fail !

Maybe next time, HIP... maybe next time...
Until Then,
Bye ya'll!


yummy411 said...

wow what a shame. i don't have that color, but other colors and i used them alot. they are a great alternative to the more expensive counter brands.

hey wait .. just an observation. i know that paint color is a shimmery base. is your pigment kinda matte? the paint should still hold it on, but even with mac paint pots, i don't use the shimmery ones cuz a lot of times it makes my shadows look chalky and uneven.. just a thought.