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FOTD: The Luck of The Irish

Hey Dolls

Here's the FOTD that I did on St. Patty's Day. Since I had to go to work that day I opted for a soft but noticeable green look. 
.:.Products Used.:.
Face|MAC MSFN Dark

Too Faced Shadow Insurance
Milani Almonide
MAC Humid
Coastal Scents Black Oxide Pigment
Lower.HIP Gunmetal
NYX Eye/Brow Liner Pencil.Black
Rimmel Kohl Pencil.Green
Rimmel Brow Pencil. 001
NYX Eye/Brow Liner Pencil. Dark Brown
Black Radiance Concealer. Tan
Black Radiance Concealer. Tan
Covergirl Wet Slicks. Opal Essence 

Until Then, 
Bye Ya'll! 

Ooh, That's My Jam PT Deuce

Hey Dolls,
Hop up out the bed, YEAH. Turn my swag on..... Took a look in the mirror say wassup... YAAAAH I'm getting money.... Uhhh huhhhhh..... Soulja Boy and his songs are not the greatest BUT this one is THE business. Whether you like rap or not, you've got to admit that the song kinda makes you feel a little conceited and ups ya esteem just tad bit. I'm not saying it's THE best song but c'mon give it some credit!

Turn My Swag On|Soulja Boy

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll! 

Mi Amor: Sinful Colors Canary Yellow

Hey Dolls
I love this color! Got it from Walgreens for $1.99. It's a GORGEOUS bright pretty somewhat golden yellow. I have yet to wear it on my fingers, just on my toes. BUT the next manicure (more than likely this thursday-3/26) I'm gonna take the leap for canary yellow on the nails! I usually wear pinks and purples on them so the yellow with a possible design should be exciting! I mean it is springtime after all. I just might have to cut them down a tad bit more! Every brown girl should wear it! And for the record my feet aren't ashy that's the lighting! lol


FOTD:Smoke Blue Diamonds

Hey Dolls! 
Here is the FOTD! I'm banging blue bitch! 
Did this look a couple of weeks ago and 
ery'body liked it. hope you do. if you do comment and let me know! 
Products Used:

MAC Pinch Me Blush

Coastal Scents Eye Proxy Primer
MAC Sea & Sky (solid side)
Coastal Scents Black Oxide Pigment
NYX Nude 
HIP Cream Crayon (dark blue one)
NYX Eye/Brow Black Pencil
Rimmel Brow Pencil 001
NYX Eye/Brow Dark Brown Pencil
Maybelline Lash Stiletto  

Question of the Day...

Hey dolls,

qotd: do you ever go out with NOTHING at all on your face? I mean NOTHING?!

My answer: 
Only when I don't have time or when I don't feel like it! I'll go raw! nothing but my sea breeze and my moisturizer! 

Let me know how you do in the comments! 

Until Then, 
Bye Ya'll! 

*tried to post a fotd but blogger is acting ig'nant!*


Ulta: Get It While It's Good!

Hey Dolls,
So a couple of weeks ago I told you all of the new L'Oreal HIP Kohl Eyeliners.... well you can cop a a buy one get one free at ulta! They are doing BOGO (Free) on a lot of good products this week actually: Some of them are : the Ulta shadows. HIP cream crayons. Telescopic mascara. wear infinite eyeshadow quads. and a lot more handfuls of mascaras and other goodies!

I'm really eager to pick up that black cream crayon, because that stuff does not move at ALL! You'll be scrubbing for a minute to get them off but oh well..... That's what us MUA's, Aspiring MUA's, Beauty Lovers, and Beauty Bloggers all love! LONG-LASTING MAKEUP right? indeed! 

Anywayz, I guess i should do a review on those and swatches.... hmmm what do you think?

Until Then
Bye Ya'll!

Hey Dolls,
Here is the FOTD! I wanted to post my St. Patty's Day look but it on my camera ad my camera cord and my camera are acting ig'nant so it will HOPEFULLY be up tomorrow or on friday! 

Here is a MUCH better view of the eyes.... Nothing really used on the face mostly eyes! Don't remember all the colors BUT that bright blue beauTAUful color IS the wonderfully gawjus Electric Eel! Get on it!

And a MacBook edit one for you guys! 

Until Then, 
Bye Ya'll! 


FOTD:Bright Green

Hey Dolls,
Here is the FOTD that I did using the coastal scents pigments..... 

I can't remember all the products used but do you see the pigmentation of that green! it was gawjus! blend with MAC's chrome yellow and you've got an attention getter look all day! 

Until Then, 
Bye Ya'll! 

.::CS Oxide Pigment Swatches coming soon::.


FOTD:Soft Yellow & Purple

Hey Dolls,
Here is the FOTD that i wore when I went to look at the Dame Edna Collection. (I picked up gladiola by the way) I don't remember all the products but I do remember that I used 
Chrome Yellow.... Enjoy! 

As you can see the purple softened the brightness o the yellow... I cut the crease with Carbon ad the MAC MA's complimented me on it. 

Until Then, 
Bye Ya'll! 


First ImpressionCoastal Scents Eye Proxy Primer

Hey Dolls
This is the Coastal Scents Eye Proxy Primer. This is the product straight out of the packaging 
As you can see it is kind of thick. you have to rub and smooth it out VERY evenly so that the balls in the product distribute evenly! 

.|.The Cons.|.
It looks nasty
When I opened it, it seemed VERY greasy. 
Creases on oily lids
Creases under darker colors (i used the black oxide pigment) 

.|.The Pros.|.
It makes your shadow colors pop
A good price for the product
Gives your lighter shadows an airbrushed feel/look

.|. Final Word.|.
I say that it is a good primer for the price ($9.99) and it never hurts to have a backup primer either! 
Like I mentioned, it does make your darker colors crease which defeats the whole purpose of a primer, but to each its own! I'll probably buy another batch of this stuff when I run out. 

Until Then, 
Bye Ya'll

FOTD: Pink,Brown, Lashes Balashes!

Hey Dolls,
Here is a FOTD that I did about 3 weeks ago, for church. I wanted to try out my lashes balashes! They are THE bomb dot com and by far are one of my favorite pairs! 

.::Products Used::.

inner|Vanilla Pigment
middle|Pink Bronze Pigment
eye contour|Texture
outer v|milani rich chocolate
highlight|nyx nude
brows|milani rich chocolate|black radiance tan concealer

skin|Mineralized Skin Finish Dark
cheeks| MAC pinch me

liner|nyx natural
color| arissa studios harmony
gloss|MAC prrr lipglass  
Me clutching my pearls and listening to my eargasms! 

Until Then, 
Bye Ya'll! 



Hey Dolls
so, I should go ahead and copyright this pose! lol
(No flash)

This is the look I did for my VERY first(so far-and only REAL) MU gig.
I did this look on the way there -yes in the car and I wasn't driving- for a hair show. I figured that I'd do my makeup up to be the bomb dot com. And indeed it was. I even one of THE most known MUA's in my town. Anywayz, these pictures are from later on that night (say 9:45 p.m.) hence the fading of some of the colors.

Products Used
Inner-Chrome Yellow
Liner-Rimmel Kohl Pencil Green
Highlight- Some random color!
Lips-Covergirl Smokey Rose-its really pretty!

As I was saying, this look got MANY compliments, even from that other MUA! I really need to get up on this MUA grind a whole lot harder! My next year this time, I'm trying to be either a (FREQUENT) freelancer for MAC and/or one of the MUA's people call on for beauty help! RenRen, I'm trying to be on your level! lol

Oh aren't the yellow nails and earrings cute!
Until Then,
Bye Ya'll!

Breathtaking Big Sister Beyonce

Hey Dolls, 
So uhhhhhh, this picture reeks of fierceness! The curly fro and all! Takes me back to the Goldmember days.
I'll be picking up THIS issue! 

Bye Ya'll! 

.::Jammin To|Solange-Dancing In The Dark::.

Haters: Presidential Edition

Hey Dolls, 
(official white house photo)
So I was watching Mike & Juliet Show this maw'nin and they were talking about all the "bloggers" that have been "talking about" First Lady Michelle Obama. Well, in my terms I'd call it "HATING". Of course, Juliet was not hating and neither were the panel (all women).... they were just saying how "Everybody should leave the First Lady alone because she has great arms". Indeed I agree. Didn't Jackie O wear a sleeveless black dress (MKors)similar to this that MObama is pictured wearing here? Indeed she did.  (Do ya research! ) Is it because her arms are colored? Let me not go there. Homegirls arms are on point. MObama IS a fashion iCON! Get it together and get off my first lady!