I need new hair update

Hey dolls,
So here is the hair update...without a picture.I ended up getting a sew in with a side swept/swoop bang. I picked up the urban beauty pack of hair in a #4 I think, and only one pack of it! THANKFULLY(!!!!!) the best friend had some extra milky way hair left! So she put that in there, now I have beyonceriffic hair and you know I love my beyonce! I'm going on a road trip today and I'll be back sunday and hopefully I'll be able to see a few fellow beauty bloggers! But if not that's okay too! Stay tuned for the conceited pictures!
Until then,
Bye ya'll


I Need New Hair II

Hey Dolls,
So here is option #2. I'd have to maintain this one a little more..... But if I forget to one night I can still go up and out the next morning because it's not THAT hard to maintain! Let me know which you think I should go with!
Untilo Then
Bye Ya'll!


I Need New Hair

Hey Dolls,

So when it comes to my hair, Im a simple minimalist. I like some drama but mostly simplicity. I make my makeup the most dramatic. Anywayz, I was looking online for hairstyle ideas and of course I ran up on the infamous Rihanna cut but this cut that was on the website was THE business. Its the bomb dot com!

Heres the look, Tell me what you think? Please keep in mind that my face is a LOT rounder than this!

Until Then
Bye Yall!


In Love With Intuition

Hey Dolls, 
So, I SHOULD be sleep but i'm twittering, blogging, facebooking, youtubbing, and listening to the eargasms. So I'm officially stating that every body and their babys momma's cousins need to go and get the Jamie Foxx CD because it is indeed a good one! 

My jams are: slow.freaking me. overdose. i don't know. intimate.  you know what lets just say the whole freaking album! if you heart true r&b love songs that got a sexy man singing then this album is a go! OVERDOSE is literally on repeat, in my most played, & my top favorites! 
Until Then, 
Happy Tuning!

Bye Ya'll! 


FOTD: Pretty Girl Purples

Hey Dolls, 

Here is my purple eye that i did in conjunction with the youtube video! Not exactly sure what all I used but I think it was stated if not then I'll just have to ATTEMPT to remember... I do remember that i used Covergirl Purple Pop HIP Sculpted (right side)& Milani Shock.. everything else is unknown! lol.

EXCUSE THE HAIR... It was raining.... 

Enjoy the pictures! Please Comment

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll! 


New Ish: HIP Kohl Eyeliner

Hey Dolls,

Well by golly, Big Sister has done it again. Wait... Let me get off of her first!


okay! HIP has done it again! I am a sucker for their creme liners- as most of you fellow makeup addicts are, but this time they have made KOHL eyeliners. and I'm EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! if they are anything like the creme liners then i know i'll be hitting up a BOGO to grab em up! They come in 6 colors: Burgundy, Navy, Gold, Teal, Black & Brown.

HIP describes the new product as: "The first kohl technology this dramatic. The softest,smokiest look day or night. HIP High Intensity Pigments kohl eyeliner are positively blooming. Rich, smokey shades of loose,irredescent kohl that line and define. Dramatic but never" and it stops right there.

Anywayz, i'm interested in them especially if they look like this on beyonce, the texture and finish is gawjus!

I'll put my review of these on here so be waiting!

Well Until Then,
Bye Ya'll!



Hey Dolls,

So one of the collections that I KNOW my check will be spent on is this one. Take a look at this promo pic (temptalia) . what do you think its gonna be about? mostly dramatic eyes, soft lips? well by golly you are right! This plus a whole lot more...

They tricking out everything from single shadows (yes to Back 2 MAC!!!) to pretty pink sticks and glosses... oh, MSF's, a couple brow sets, and 3 new brushes.

.:.What I'm Eyeing.:

BBabe Stick.Brush 214.Brunette MSF.Top Knot E/S (since i missed it last time).Flip Curl E/S.

HOPEFULLY, that is all that I want.... I might get an EXTRA shadow because if the plan goes as planned i'll have an enough pots for my B2M! lol! Yes ya girl is making plots and plans on MAC! lol. Anywayz,

What are you getting? Let me know!

This collection comes out January 8, 2008...May the Lord have peace and blessings on my pocket!

Until Then,

Bye Ya'll!

Hey There Kitty!

Hey Dolls
Oh em gee... MAC is tripping.... I'm broke. trying NOT to go to MAC and
spend money
but this foolishness is getting crazy

Do ya'll see that lipstick?! yes boos, the purple one... now WHY would they do that to me?! they know i'm a bright lipped girl!

This picture has me drooling. MAC knows how to make this brown girl grab her Louie change purse and clutch it tight! I am in love with the artistry and all the pink oh and the sashafiercosity that is in the photo! And if you haven't noticed... they used a NATURAL girl in this promo pic!
I'm not exactly sure what all I'm (going to try to NOT) get but it is gonna be hard!

They have a brush set, black handles and all too! Like I need ANOTHER stipping brush?! ugh! Well I really do! lol! That also looks like its a 109..a travel 109... that sounds so lovely!

This quad-which by the way, i do not like the long one- is what they supposedly used on the brown girl.... i sure hope that is not seedy pearl in there because i don't need too!
Until Then,
Bye Ya'll!

Oh Em Gee!

Hey Dolls,
so.. it has literally been like for freaking EVER since I have been on here to blog! I've been working hard making sure my checks are decent! a sistah got bills and responsibilities! But have no fear i'm bout to crank out like 22 posts in this one sitting! lol. anywayz, please hit me up if you have any requests because i'd love to do them! thanks to all those who have been reading the blog and commenting on it! i makes me all warm inside! lol
Until Then
Bye Ya'll