In Love With Intuition

Hey Dolls, 
So, I SHOULD be sleep but i'm twittering, blogging, facebooking, youtubbing, and listening to the eargasms. So I'm officially stating that every body and their babys momma's cousins need to go and get the Jamie Foxx CD because it is indeed a good one! 

My jams are: slow.freaking me. overdose. i don't know. intimate.  you know what lets just say the whole freaking album! if you heart true r&b love songs that got a sexy man singing then this album is a go! OVERDOSE is literally on repeat, in my most played, & my top favorites! 
Until Then, 
Happy Tuning!

Bye Ya'll! 


Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

gorgeous pic!! :) and i JUST saw the twit you sent me to the right of your oh em gee im sorry i didnt answer sooner :( but i loovveee the manly palette!! its REALLY pigmented and cheap! im not going to lie i was skeptical about purchasing it from ebay but, i would totally recommend tons of colors and tons of fun!! hope that helped..and sorry again..i swear i didnt see it :)