Hey There Kitty!

Hey Dolls
Oh em gee... MAC is tripping.... I'm broke. trying NOT to go to MAC and
spend money
but this foolishness is getting crazy

Do ya'll see that lipstick?! yes boos, the purple one... now WHY would they do that to me?! they know i'm a bright lipped girl!

This picture has me drooling. MAC knows how to make this brown girl grab her Louie change purse and clutch it tight! I am in love with the artistry and all the pink oh and the sashafiercosity that is in the photo! And if you haven't noticed... they used a NATURAL girl in this promo pic!
I'm not exactly sure what all I'm (going to try to NOT) get but it is gonna be hard!

They have a brush set, black handles and all too! Like I need ANOTHER stipping brush?! ugh! Well I really do! lol! That also looks like its a 109..a travel 109... that sounds so lovely!

This quad-which by the way, i do not like the long one- is what they supposedly used on the brown girl.... i sure hope that is not seedy pearl in there because i don't need too!
Until Then,
Bye Ya'll!


Anonymous said...

I wanna know what brushes those are so bad!! Because I don't think I'll be able to refrain from buying the 109 on Friday!! LOL!!