New Ish: HIP Kohl Eyeliner

Hey Dolls,

Well by golly, Big Sister has done it again. Wait... Let me get off of her first!


okay! HIP has done it again! I am a sucker for their creme liners- as most of you fellow makeup addicts are, but this time they have made KOHL eyeliners. and I'm EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!! if they are anything like the creme liners then i know i'll be hitting up a BOGO to grab em up! They come in 6 colors: Burgundy, Navy, Gold, Teal, Black & Brown.

HIP describes the new product as: "The first kohl technology this dramatic. The softest,smokiest look day or night. HIP High Intensity Pigments kohl eyeliner are positively blooming. Rich, smokey shades of loose,irredescent kohl that line and define. Dramatic but never" and it stops right there.

Anywayz, i'm interested in them especially if they look like this on beyonce, the texture and finish is gawjus!

I'll put my review of these on here so be waiting!

Well Until Then,
Bye Ya'll!


Special K said...

I have got to try that!!! I am terrible at lining my eyes though :-(