Ooh That's My Jam!

Hey Dolls, 

how are ya guys? So I'm trying to get some pending posts up and posted and I think that this kind of post will be frequent on PIAU  (you can pronounce it pee-oww-ooh). I'm gonna call it "Ooh, that's my jam". So it's just the Holiday season, and I was just thinking today at work, "dang I haven't heard that song all Christmas Season!" So what did I do? Pull it up on the PC and started jamming! 

Song Title:Let It Snow
Song Artist: Boyz II Men
Why I Heart It: The harmonies and melodies be going off! So beat! 
What It Makes Me Think Of: The soul that the holidays posses for me and my fellow Black people. 

Oh yes, I'm Jammin! 

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll

How Conceited Are You?

Hey Dolls, 

So lately, well I'm not gonna even start fibbing, I love taking pictures! I love posing for the camera, click click, and doing the naomi campbell walk! but lately i have just gotten conceited with it! So please bare with me and enjoy-or hate- if you wish! 

One of my most recent and best looks yet! Barbie Girl Pink-is what I call it! 
Tropical Eyes & pink Lips! LOVES IT!
One of my famous poses! 
And for all the fellow DazzleGlass Bimbos, featuring Comet Blue! lol! 
Until Then, 
Bye Ya'll!


FOTD: "No Makeup Makeup"

Makeup? What Makeup?

Hey Dolls, 
So today i did a completely natural look for work. 
A "No Makeup, Makeup" look.

Products Used:

L'Oreal Decrease Eyeshadow Base
MAC Groundwork Paint Pot
Contour-MAC Texture
Highlight-Naked Pigment | Fix +

Black Opal Creme Stick Foundation- Truly Topaz
MAC Mineralized SkinFinish-Dark
Contour-Milani Rich Chocolate 
Blush-JANE Cosmetics Shimmering Blush- Peony
In the pictures with the green shirt on I freaked the Blush by putting on L'Oreal HIP's Brazen Eyeshadow, yes the left side. That beauTAUful hot pink matte color! 

Don't you heart it! If not oh well, I do! I've been recently getting into Blush and it 
is a freaking dicting!

Arissa Studios LipGloss-Kissable
MAC Dazzleglass-Comet Blue
MAC Clear Lipglass

Until Then 
Bye Ya'll!


FOTD: Bright Yellow Eyes!

Hey Dolls,

So since starting my new job, I have been playing it safe, so on my days off I try to freak the heck out of my makeup and beat my face to death! So, this day I think it was like last tuesday, I decided to a color circus on my eyes! well not really but I just HAD to have some color on there!
L'Oreal Decrease Eyeshadow Base
Lid- MAC Chrome Yellow
Crease-MAC Texture
Outer V-Milani Rich Chocolate
Lower Lashline- MAC Sea & Sky Mineralized Eyeshadow Duo
Highlight- NYX Nude
Liner-some random black liner
Lashes-some random lashes!
MAC Mineralized Skin Finish Natural -Dark
Fix +
Black Opal Patent Lips-Glam (i think)
MAC Lipglass- Prrr


The Louie!

Hey Dolls, 
So in one of my very firsts post i mentioned that I seriously adored the Louis Vuitton Monogram Canvas Speedy Number 30 Handbag and you would not believe what happened..... I got one!!!! Of course it's a knockoff and I don't even care because my belongings are in THAT bag and I'm rocking it! Louie or Bouie yes boo, i'm rocking it! 
Hold my mule while i shout! I was/am so excited!
I'll post pictures of it sooner or later! 
Until Then,
Bye Ya'll! 

The Importance of a Good Brow

Hey Dolls, 
So on YouTube a fellow brown MU girl (ISAYWOMPALLTHETIME) held an eyebrow contest. nd recently i have just been OBSESSED with a perfect brow. I usually just fill them in with a Rimmel Brow Pencil and some concealer 

but as you ca see it isn't all that great... its decent ya know but not BAD!

So here is a picture of the brows untamed just regular 
(this was the day that i decided that I really wanted to get into some makeup!)

crazy right?!
here are the brows freshly waxed,shaped and trimmed!

My first experiment with the new brow technique! Loves it! 
and OH yes, i did channel my Big Sis Beyonce/Sasha Fierce
He liked it so he went a put a ring on it... oh uh oh! 

And here is the brow that got me my compliments! Don't you just love that glow?! 
guess what its from MAC's Mineralized Skin Finish Natural-Dark! 

Products Used:
Rimmel Brow Pencil 001
Milani Eyeshadow- Rich Chocolate
NYC Liquid Foundation-Sandy Beige

Thanks for reading!

Until Then, 


Walgreens BOGO & Update

Hey dolls,
I can't believe it has been a long time since i've been on here! Anywho, heres some BOGO going at Walgreens!
Buy one, get one free on all L'Oreal Lipcolor
Buy one, get one free on all Wet 'N Wild Cosmetics
Buy one, get one free on all Jane or Jane Be Pure Mineral Cosmetics
Buy one, get one free on all Sinful Colors Professional Nail Color (loves these!!!!!)
I'll try to come on here a lot more, it's just been hard with black friday and all! I have soooo many FOTD's to post!
Until then,
Bye Ya'll!