Ooh That's My Jam!

Hey Dolls, 

how are ya guys? So I'm trying to get some pending posts up and posted and I think that this kind of post will be frequent on PIAU  (you can pronounce it pee-oww-ooh). I'm gonna call it "Ooh, that's my jam". So it's just the Holiday season, and I was just thinking today at work, "dang I haven't heard that song all Christmas Season!" So what did I do? Pull it up on the PC and started jamming! 

Song Title:Let It Snow
Song Artist: Boyz II Men
Why I Heart It: The harmonies and melodies be going off! So beat! 
What It Makes Me Think Of: The soul that the holidays posses for me and my fellow Black people. 

Oh yes, I'm Jammin! 

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll


Bombchell said...

HA HA HA HA HA omg I dont think i remember that song, im scared to youtube it, but gosh I killed some boyz to men tracks back then lol

yummy411 said...

LOL love all of the personality.. I LOVE THAT SONG!! keep jamming! happy holidays!