Ooh, That's My Jam PT Deuce

Hey Dolls,
Hop up out the bed, YEAH. Turn my swag on..... Took a look in the mirror say wassup... YAAAAH I'm getting money.... Uhhh huhhhhh..... Soulja Boy and his songs are not the greatest BUT this one is THE business. Whether you like rap or not, you've got to admit that the song kinda makes you feel a little conceited and ups ya esteem just tad bit. I'm not saying it's THE best song but c'mon give it some credit!

Turn My Swag On|Soulja Boy

Until Then,
Bye Ya'll! 


princessvalecia said...

i hate to admit it cause I hate soulja boy and anything that acknowledges swag but the song is the bomb

Ms. LMC said...

I like this song to.... im slightly ashamed but it's playing right now as I type.

Glamour Me Up ♥ said...

lmao! i loovve this song!! whoo whoo turn my swaaaggg onnnnnn!!!! lol